How to Qualify for Different Social Security Benefits


There’s two different types of benefits you can get from the Social Security Administration. One is called SSD, that’s a disability benefit, that you have to have worked a certain amount of quarters to get. To be eligible for you have to pay in I think it’s an average of depending on the year of about $1100 a month for 20 out of the 40 past quarters.

Then there’s SSI, which is supplemental security income, which you can get even if you haven’t worked, but in addition to there being the same medical requirements that a disability benefit has, you have to meet an additional financial benefit, meaning you can’t have more than I think it’s $2,000 in resources in your home. So if your spouse is earning $50,000 a year and you’ve never worked and now you’re disabled you wouldn’t be eligible for SSI benefits. The other thing is you have to have been out of work for at least 12 months or it has to be expected to keep you out of work for 12 months. In reality, they rarely grant before those 12 months are up. And then the third thing is the appropriate medical treatment people have to prove the disability.



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